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During my childhood, I had the unique experience of growing up on a sailboat with my parents, who were sailors. This allowed me to traverse the world and spend my formative years surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean. My early connection to the sea and its inhabitants became an enduring aspect of my life. At the tender age of 8, I received my first genuine speargun, a tool that quickly became an extension of my arm as I engaged in successful hunting almost daily. This marked the genesis of my most profound passion.

Guided by the influence of my father, a fervent spearfisher in his own right, I embarked on numerous underwater expeditions to explore reefs in far-flung locations like the Caribbean, as well as the South Seas' paradises, including Tahiti and French Polynesia. Fishing became an integral part of our life on the boat, seamlessly intertwining with our daily existence and providing us with a bountiful supply of fresh fish. Anticipation for our next diving adventure was a constant source of excitement for me.

Today, my heart finds solace in the midst of the boundless Bluewater. My fascination with apex predators like sharks and rays, alongside the enchanting encounters with the diverse array of marine life inhabiting the deep azure waters of the Canary Islands, remains unwavering. My focus often centers around hunting blue-water species, with a particular thrill stemming from the pursuit of wahoo and tuna – an entirely distinct category within the realm of spearfishing.



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