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Image by Michael Worden

Bluewater Spearfishing / Shoredive

For experienced underwater hunters, our captain will assist you in positioning yourself to find the fish of a lifetime. From large tunas to worldclass Wahoo, our guide and captain will help you experience an exceptional day of hunting. We know the spots, understand reading tides and birds, as well as the techniques to locate and successfully reel in dream fish like Wahoo Bigey and Yellowfin Tuna. Our underwater spearfishing excursions are tailored to offer you the best from your underwater hunting adventure. Bluewater spearfishing is our specialty.

Shore diving from the boat is perfect for those who enjoy actively hunting in structurally rich areas while exploring the underwater world of the Canary Islands. Challenges such as the Amberjack, Grouper, and many other species await you in this pursuit.


For Beginner underwater hunters

Discover Beginner's Spearfishing: Plunge into Underwater Adventure Dive into the thrilling world of beginner's spearfishing – an underwater pursuit that offers excitement, exploration, and a deep bond with nature. Learn equipment basics, techniques, and safety measures under expert guidance. Glide silently, observing marine life in its natural habitat. It's not just a sport; it's a journey of conservation and awe. Unforgettable memories await, making you an advocate for our oceans. Take the leap into beginner's spearfishing and let the underwater magic captivate you.

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